Basement renovation services


Our team have an extensive experience in Basement renovations in Durham region, whether it’s the moisture or the dampness problem, you are planning to redo the flooring, or you are planning to transform your basement into an additional space you have always wished for, our teams expertise in this specific area of basement renovation has a number of successful finished projects with satisfied clients. We take all the precautionary measures to ensure the safety and security of our client’s property and of our workforce as well. During the basement renovation process we will handle all the important jobs involved, so you can leave all your worries on us, leaving you hassle free that is you don’t have to search for several different contractors to complete the job for you. Our goal in every project is to use quality material, because it will be our work which we will leave behind will keep the reputation our company.

Our basement services:

  •   We provide services for basement dampness problem
  • We provide services for redoing the flooring of your basement 
  • Rotten wood problem
  • Basement transformations like:

  1. Storage 
  2. Recreational areas
  3. Gym
  4. Play rooms 
  5. Additional bedroom 
  6. Additional living room 
  7. Additional kitchen 
  8. Additional bathroom
  9. Saunas 
  10. Home office 

With the professional help, planning and execution you can always transform you unutilized space in your basement into a functional living space.

We deliver what we promise


The key to our success in our business is that we have always delivered what we have promised. Even in most of the projects what we have worked on, in which our clients have very tight budget we have always made them clear what the best we can deliver to them in their budget. Our contractors will keep a close eye on the ongoing cost to keep them under control and to finish the project under budget without giving surprises to our client in the end of the project. That is what has kept our reputation while working on Basement renovations in Durham region.

Adding value to your property


The basement renovation job that has been done properly will not only add space in your house making your home more functional for your but it will also add value to your property and even you plan to keep your property for sale this addition will definite add value, and this will give a positive impression to the future potential buyer that the property has been well taken care of. Our team makes sure that we deliver what the client has demanded so that they can enjoy what they always have wished for. Having a variety of services related to basement renovation in Durham region we will surely have the solution of your basement renovation problem. Our team is flexible and will do the estimate which suits your budget. You can call us anytime to book an appointment, our contractor will visit you and help and suggest you all the possibilities solutions of your basement problems or transformations.


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Goliduarte provide renovation services in all over Durham region. We are experts in all type of basement renovations in Durham region.

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