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For the team at Goliduarte no job is big or small. We have a team of professional, skilled and reliable contractors, whatever the need home renovation in Durham region is. Our specialized contractors got the experience and expertise for all the renovation and remodeling needs. Whether you are planning for the exterior or the interior renovation our team will make sure that the job is done according to the requirement of the client.

Yes for the team at Goliduarte no job is big or small and we have the expertise, skill, resources and years of experience to make every project a success. Our main goal in any ongoing project is to focus on the quality that we are delivering. Our team will go an extra mile to gain the satisfaction of our client and to maintain our reputation in the construction market. And only because of this approach our client has referred us to their friends and family for the home renovation in Durham region, which is a positive growth for us. The materials which we use are from reliable resources because we do not want to compromise on the quality which we are providing our client which also helps us to maintain our reputation.

Our team is committed to provide the superior quality service to all our clients. Once the project is handed over to our contractors they make sure that the project will initiate smoothly and they will monitor the ongoing progress keeping the cost under the budget and keeping the client informed at every single step of the ongoing project.

If any addition or the changes are required by the client during the project our contractors are flexible enough to integrate the changes by the client within the budget or will provide best possible solutions to their requests. We firmly believe that home renovation and remodeling is not just tearing up walls and installing some new replacements but to us it’s our duty and job to transform the homes of our clients for them to have a better and enhanced place to live.

Services we provide for home renovation in Durham region

  •   Bathroom renovation
  • Kitchen renovation 
  • Exterior finishes 
  • Basement renovation 
  • Home additions
  • Popcorn ceiling removal services 
  • Drywall solutions 
  • Bedroom renovations
  • Attic transformation 
  • Living room remodeling 
  • Recreational areas addition 
  • Fireplaces 
  • Carpentry service 
  • Flooring service 
  • Plumbing service
  • Painting service 
  • Tiling services.


In most case the whole process of home renovation in Durham region can be a little intimidating to several homeowners. You can rely on the team at Goliduarte because we are there to make your life easier we have a wide list of renovation and remodeling services. Whatever your home renovation plans are we make sure that we will provide you with the finished project which is up to our client’s requirements, and our make sure to deliver it by their expertise, experience and skills acquired the years they have been providing the services.


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  Are you looking for a home renovation company in Durham Region? Goliduarte Offer all type of home renovation including bathrooms, remodeling, redesign and additions.

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